Debt Collection Agency Scams

Scams Target You - Protect Yourself!!

When it comes to debt collection agencies, it is important to recognize a scam and beware of your rights! If you are an individual who is in debt and owe money on a personal loan or any other kind of credit, you are considered as a ‘debtor’ by collection agencies. If you have past due amount, then you may start getting phone calls and ‘urgent’ letters in the mail telling you to pay your overdue amounts as soon as possible or face serious consequences.

Remember that these kind of threatening phone calls/ letters are illegal and you have all the right to protect your privacy. There have been many cases when a person does not owe anything but is harassed by the debt collectors. Be aware of such agencies that perpetrate scams on you and other honest people. You must boldly face such situations and seek legal help.

Many debt collectors violate the law of collecting debt by telling lies and getting involved in different debt collection scams to threaten honest people. Customers must recognize that the Fair Debt Collection Practice Act entails collectors to treat individuals with respect and never cause any sort of harassment.

Thus, if you are getting harassing phone calls from debtors or you smell some kind of a scam that involves you or someone you know, seek legal help immediately.