Debt Collection Letters

Debt collection letters are vital tools that simplify the debt collection process. They are intended to remind the debtor about the money he owes to the company. They also comprise of the essential proof of communication required in the court dealings. For instance, while writing a personal debt collection letter you must make use of the right words to clearly state the nature of the debt and request for the early payment.

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act limits the way in which the debt collectors can contact the customers. To avoid any problems, you can refer to the sample debt recovery letters available online. People in debt can also restrict how and when debt collectors contact them by asserting their rights in writing. Here are some styles of debt collection letter that debtors can choose from to state their preferences and describe their circumstances.

Verify the debt request: This is the first type of debt collector letter that a debtor should write to a collector/ agency. As per the law, creditors must furnish you with evidence regarding the debt owed. Unless they provide the details, the debt collection activity must be stopped.

Simple cease communication letter: If you have been getting repeated calls from debt collectors then you can write a letter requesting them to stop making phone calls at home and at work, as well as stop any mail from being posted to you.

Stop harassing communication: This type of letter demands the creditors to stop communication and harassment without acknowledging a debt. The customer should clearly mention the nature of harassment caused.

Cease communication: harassment letter for debt that belongs to someone else: This kind of letter is issued to ask the creditors to cease communication and harassment for a debt that you don’t owe, but belongs to someone else.

There are several types of free debt collection letter samples available online. You can choose the debt collector letter that suits your situation and customize it as per your needs.